About KLAC

The Key Largo Anglers Club began at the turn of the twentieth century as a small fishing camp and trading post on the Bay side of Card Sound. In the early 1930’s the club became part of the “Florida Year Round Club” owned by Roney Investment Company which included the exclusive Miami Biltmore and Roney Plaza on Miami Beach.

The Club was purchased by the Camray Corporation in 1945 and was managed by Clint and Kay Campbell for the next 18 years. During that time, the Club developed the reputation for providing a unique and casually elegant “fishing camp” getaway to its growing membership. The 1950’s were characterized by good times including the annual Commodore’s costume party which became the social highlight of the season. During this era, President Hoover spent a great deal of time fishing in the area. In appreciation of his fondness and support for the Club, the Board made him an honorary commodore.

The period of the 1960’s witnessed a continuation of prosperity for the Anglers Club despite the untimely death of Clint Campbell and a direct hit from Hurricane Betsy. The first concrete main dock was built and a nine–hole par-three golf course was opened for club members. Fishing continued to be the cornerstone of club activities and through donations by the members, a handsome collection of Jensen silver trophies emerged in the lobby.

The 1970’s marked the beginning of another era at the club as Benson and Edith Ford decided to purchase the Club and preserve its privacy, charm and quiet beauty for their enjoyment. Of course, they were more than happy to share the experience with their guests and members, whom they had grown to know during their long relationship with the Club. Edith was very involved with the decorations around the clubhouse, placing beautiful plant and flower arrangements in the lobby, a tradition continued to this day.

In 1980, Edith Ford passed away, leaving the future of the club uncertain. It was a difficult time and would take nearly five years before a plan emerged creating a new equity member-owned private community within the property to raise funds for the purchase of the 46-acre parcel from the Ford Estate. The plan was a success thanks to the support of the Ford family, the membership, and dedicated leadership from the Board of Directors.

The decade of the 1990’s brought a return of good times and the continuation of old traditions. The piano bar remained the scene of many memorable evenings after a day on the flats or the Gulf Stream. In 1992 Hurricane Andrew caused substantial damage to the clubhouse which was faithfully restored and subsequently designated a county historic landmark.

The philosophy of preserving our unique environment continues to be an objective, which brought about the dedication of a large area in the center of the property as a nature preserve in the mid 1990’s. Today, the club continues to foster an environment conducive to promoting the enjoyment of the social and recreational facilities in a manner consistent with the low-key ambiance created by its founders and maintained by succeeding generations.

The beginning of the twenty-first century will surely bring more adventures and another colorful chapter in the history of this fine old “Florida Keys fishing camp.”

Christopher B. Everhart, CCM, CCE, PCAM, CHAE
General Manager/COO